we provide world-class multi-vendor support by offering industry standard ATM services engineered to give optimal performance to financial service providers in africa

What we offer

ATM Maintenance

At Ark Technologies, ATM machine maintenance is an attitude developed through years of expertise using cutting-edge technologies. Our team of professionals are passionately driven to ensure that your ATM Estate is always in good shape.

ATM Refurbishing

Choose from our complete stack of ATM Refurbishment plans to deliver optimal business performance, with a customer-specific professional consultancy to help you choose the right refurbishment plan.

ATM Repairs

With a fully equipped ATM Repair Unit, our team of experts professionally restores every component of your ATM to optimal performance and ensures that we deliver high-end ATM Repair services to place your ATMs in excellent form.

ATM Movement

We understand the fragile and delicate nature of ATMs so, you can bet your machines are in safe hands. We have standard ATM movement logistics systems that manages the movement of ATMs within your estate. We also have the capability to relocate your ATMs from one site to another.

ATM Lease and Staging

We Understand the ever increasing demands for ATMs, so, we offer ATM leasing and staging services to Banks and other financial institutions, to help satisfy customer needs. We are always at your service to architecture the staging and installation of your ATMs in any location of your choice.

ATM Branding

Our branding solution provides unique branding models that outstandingly identify your business. Our branding experts are always on ground to brand your ATMs and can also re-brand existing ATMs in your fleet of ATMs, to make your ATMs stand out among others.


We have a training academy equipped with well qualified ATM experts and IT professionals, where we incubate the best set of Field Engineers, who in turn support and serve you better..

Cleaning Services

Never be bothered about dust and cobwebs crippling your ATM's functionality, as we offer platinum grade cleaning services to help keep your machines clean and healthy.

Consultancy Services

Armed with complete knowledge of the intricacy of the ATM world and market, we are always on ground to give you a model that helps you be on top of your business. We also provide customer-specific business models to drive your already existing ATM businesses to become robust and rapidly scale with increasing demands of your customers and unique business environment.