Our very robust and scalable products cuts across all facets of the ATM business. We offer a collection of top Automated Teller Machine (ATM) products structured to fit the needs of your ATM business.

New ATMs

We have a large collection of leading ATM Brands from various top ATM companies like NCR, Wincor-Nixdorf, Diebold, etc. We fully understand that your Customers' ATM experience is dependent on the performance and availability of your ATMs, that is why we ensure that our collection is always based on top performing ATM Brands that are designed for optimum performance and zero-tolerance for downtime.

Refurbished ATMs

At Ark Technologies, we offer a wide range of fully refurbished ATMs, renewed and re-engineered at our fully automated refurbishment laboratory and controlled by a team of highly proficient ATM Refurbishment Engineers. You can choose from our large stock of refurbished ATMs to give your ATM business a boost.

ATM Mornitoring Solutions

Enterprise ATM Monitoring with ESQ ATM Monitoring solution allows you to centrally manage your ATM estate. It is a multi-vendor solution that works with all ATMs no matter its make and model. With ESQ ATM Monitoring solution you can centrally manage components of your ATMs, get automated reports on the status of your ATMs and the components, manage cash positioning on the ATMs, do reconciliation, and so much more.

ATM Spare Parts

Ark Technologies possess a stock list of a wide variety of ATM Spare Parts. We have all the modules of leading ATM brands. Take advantage of our rich stock of ATM Spare Parts. Our drive for quality ensures that you will never run-out of original spare parts for your delicate machines.

ATM Anti-skimming

The success of your ATM business is dependent on the security of your ATM estate. We operate a robust security network for your ATM Estates. Our enterprise security solution is both robust and smart. We also have a collection of smart anti-skimming devices that stops intrusion and illegal access to sensitive information and devices on your ATMs.